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The Power to Be You: Human Design & Holistic Wellness #p2bu

Feb 15, 2022

So, we are talking about relationships a lot, and the podcast is called the power to be you. And how curious is that? And part of the reason is that you can't be your best in any relationship without YOU.

YOU are the main ingredient in every relationship that you have.

You probably didn't know how important it is to know yourself, to be aware of yourself, and how self-knowledge and self-awareness is to every relationship. But think about it - when you bring your best YOU, the best version of yourself, you make your relationships better. We can tell the difference of quality ingredients in the kitchen, can't we? We can tell when the cook or baker has used inferior ingredients, so why ould a relationship be any different?

Learn how to improve your relationship by improving yourself! Self-awareness is the first step.

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